NEW Tree Art & Light Installation

The Montana Avenue Merchants Association is excited to unveil the Tree Art & Light Installation along ten blocks of the business district. One tree on each block has been transformed into a unique illuminated work of art. The project aims to support the economic recovery of the area in the wake of ongoing challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The designs adorn the branches and canopy of the trees and range from whimsical butterflies and flowers, to hanging lanterns, chandeliers and colored panes. The installation will be on view and illuminating the street through September 2022.

Pacific Event Services designed and installed the decor and lighting. Through their work, one of Pacific Event Services’ goals is to ‘…design and execute the technical side of event experiences to move people emotionally and provide powerful, positive and long-lasting memories.’ “

As businesses fully reopen and welcome residents, shoppers and visitors back to Montana Avenue, we envision this public art project to be a focal point that draws people in,” said Montana Avenue Merchants Association Chair Kara Taub. “We hope the installation encourages people to walk and explore new businesses that have recently opened or rediscover long-standing neighborhood favorites.” 

The project is funded in part through the City of Santa Monica’s Art of Recovery initiative which, since its launch in 2020, has funded artists and organizations to transform some of the City’s most iconic landmarks and public spaces into vibrant works of art to aid in the City’s recovery. The Montana Avenue Merchants Association is one of six partners working with the initiative as part of the City’s efforts to expand the production of art projects and events throughout the City by supporting and working with partners.

The Montana Avenue Merchants Association is grateful for the support of 
Art of Recovery and the City of Santa Monica for making this installation possible.