MAMA (Montana Avenue Merchants Association) is proud to once again host our annual Art Walk. For those of you who were not here last year, the Art Walk was a great success with many stores participating, hosting & promoting their own special events. This year the event will be held on a Saturday, and with extended hours (10am to 9pm), merchants can have promotions going all day and into the evening if they choose. The aim is to make the event a vibrant, fun, & visually exciting experience for our neighborhood and to highlight Montana Avenue to the broader community as a lively and interesting destination.

What is the Art Walk?
This is an opportunity for artists and businesses on Montana Avenue to create an event that showcases the creative spirit of our street and our community. Businesses can feature the artist’s work inside their stores. Special window displays, live or DJ music, are also great ways to create buzz around your business.

How do you find an Artist?
Choose an artist that you would like to partner with. If a staff member or employee is also an artist, this could be a great way to support their work. We have list of artists (attached), provided by Ten Women Gallery (1128 Montana), Brentwood Art Center, and Julie Rico Gallery who are interested in participating. When you find an artist you would like to feature, please contact them directly. MAMA is not involved in the selection process. In the past, merchants have charged a 15 -20% commission on artwork that sells during the event. However, this is completely optional and up to you and the artist to negotiate between yourselves. MAMA has no involvement with any financial arrangements you make.

Shop • Dine • Enjoy Montana Avenue

Please visit our Facebook Event Page for postings of merchants and artists participating.

Note: Many of the merchants that do not host an artist or their own event will still keep extended hours on the date of the event, so please check with you favorite shops for more info.

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